Donation & Charity

Donation & Charity

The Creare Training Centre hosts various charity efforts to raise funds for educating underprivileged students from South Africa, Africa and abroad in the following subjects: skills, life skills, music, drama, dance, art & multimedia. Some of these students receive further training to enable them to become educators throughout South Africa, Africa and internationally with a view to earning income and having an impact on communities by way of such patterns of charitable work. Creare Training Centre – Bloemfontein, is a registered NPO, educating a number of full–time students, with weekly training in defferent towns across South Africa (Via Full-Time tour teams), advocating life skills and arts training with a Godly message.


An Estimated Amount to Budget on per Month:
  • R5000 – R6000 [Including: accommodation, own meals, class fees, books, CD’s, pocket money]. This is only an estimated amount – it might be more or less depending on the subjects scheduled for that month
  • Please ensure that there is clear communication between you and your parents/sponsors financing you. You will receive a monthly account stating your debits/credits. Your account must be paid before the 3rd of each month
  • REGISTRATION (R7 200 per year) R1800 per term
  • R1500 per month
  • (For discipleship purposes, it is compulsory for full-time students to stay in a Creare student house.)
  • (For discipleship purposes, it is compulsory for full-time students to stay in a Creare student house.)
ACADEMY SUBJECTS & BOOKS (1 Subject per week) ±R3000 per month
  • Estimated Amount: e.g. R380.00 (Class fees) + R40.00 (Book) = R420.00 per week.
  • If the student is interested in Music individual classes, the class fees will increase
  • R540.00 per instrument per term (30minutes per week), excluding book and cd.
  • The students will do 5 lifestyle subjects per term (these subjects are compulsory and part of the student’s year academy).
  • RE-EXAMS for Failed Exams or Exams Not Written: R100 per re-exam
OWN POCKET/FOOD MONEY R_______ (Camps, Functions etc)
  • Please note that this price does not take into account if the candidate is selected to go on tour in the 3rd term, if the candidate is selected to go on tour they will not have class fees to pay for the 3rd term.
  • You may do more or less subjects each month, it all depends on your interest.
  • Send an email to for more information or any inquiry


Donations made to Creare may be deducted from Tax.
Tax reference number: 919 462 5159

Want to donate?

If you would like to donate to us, please use our banking details and use provide the "reference" as donation.

If you would like to help a specific or any student with classes/ accomodation/ food, please click here to for our contact information/contact form.

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