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    Ways to get trained in...
    Art, dance, drama, music, media and more
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    Creare Training Centre has been selected as one of our Most Popular Kids Activities!
    Training kids God's way.
    • The right Gap year/ Full-time training for you... Creare Training Centre Training in the Arts, Ministry and skills
    • Music, Drama, Dance, Fine Arts, MultiMedia, Prophetic, Worship and Word Apply Now

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Apply Now We accept students at any time of the year, our program is flexible for your needs...

Distance Learning!

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About Creare

The Arts

Dance(Flags, Cloth, Ribbons, Hip Hop, Tap Dancing, Tambourines, Percussion,Gymnastics, e.t.c), Drama(Acting, Puppets, Clowning, Mime, Stage Make Up, e.t.c), music(Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Piano, Drums, Sound, e.t.c) and fine arts (Painting, Drawing, Sculpturing, Ceramics, Mosaics, e.t.c). Read More


Church planting & missions(Team Dynamics, Outreach, e.t.c), worship(Praise & Worship, Music Theory, e.t.c), Word(God`s Perspective, God`s Word, Biblical Context, e.t.c) and the prophetic(Spiritual Gifts, Prophetic Education, Extra Oil, e.t.c). Read More


Multimemedia (Computer Literacy, Photography, Editing, Graphic Design, Radio Presenting, Photoshop,Film Production, Camerawork, Web Design, e.t.c.) and hand skills(Welding, Carpentry, Auto Mechanics, Building, House Maintenance, Microbotic, Makeup, vegetable Gardening, e.t.c). Read More


The Creare Training Centre is a development centre that specializes in Bible studies, Christian arts, outreaches and mission work. It is a ministry under the supervision and guidance of Our Father’s Home church. It offers PART-TIME and FULL-TIME training..

Creare has 10 academies where people can attend classes in: Music, Drama, Dance, Art, Multimedia, Word Studies, Missions, Prophetic, Worship, and Skills training...

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Online Training

Online Training

We have online courses, if you want to register for online courses click here to visit the site... at https://www.crearetrainingcentre.com/

You will need to create an account to enroll for any of the classses. simply click on register, if you dont have an account yet.

What to know

  • Creare Training Centre is a theocentric Arts, Skills and Ministry training institute based in Bloemfontein, South Africa. It was established in 1994 and continues to train and reach not only South Africa but also other countries far and wide.

    Creare Training Centre continues to penetrate, serve and equip national and international churches and communities through: satellite and strategic bases where students are trained; part- and full time (touring) teams; Training Conferences; outreaches; and the initiation and growth of cell groups and churches (services).

    We are active in all the provinces of South Africa. International contacts and influence extends to Malawi, Algeria, Mauritius, Switzerland, Russia, Romania, Zambia, Ukraine, Germany, UK, USA, Malaysia, Australia, Netherlands, Uganda, Brazil, Antigua, Madagascar, Egypt, and Austria.

  • Our Mission and Vision
    • Disciple people for their function that they will fulfill in their community and working environment.
    • Build character, knowledge and skills into their lives so that they can build quality in others.
    • Train people in excellence so that they can progressively raise the standard of training for others.
    • Activate the potential in people as nation builders.
    • Plant facilities to train, reach and empower more communities.
    • Reach the un-reached and underprivileged, in South Africa and abroad.
    • Enjoy as the harvest of the seed, that is sown in the community and nations grows!
  • Creare Training Centre is a registered non-profit organization, NPO number: 031-065 NPO.
    It is administrated by Our Father’s Home Church, but it is a separate entity to the church, sharing some of the same facilities. It is a community-based centre, focused on reaching the public. Creare Training Centre’s values are Christian-based; however, people of all races, genders, nationalities and cultures are encouraged to attend courses, training conferences and other programmes run by the centre. Although Creare Training Centre requires students who are part of the Full-Time Discipleship program to be Christian, Creare Training Centre does not discourage, discriminate against or segregate anyone with differing beliefs from attending classes at Creare Training Centre; they are respected as people in their own right.

A creative arts school for you.

Now, more than ever, is the time for the Church to understand the relevancy of the tools being used to express the Gospel. Globally, awareness is growing of the need for the Arts to be stewarded by the Church, so that the glory of divinely inspired “Art” goes to the Father and for the extension of His Kingdom. For too long we have not understood or taken up this responsibility, but, yes – the authority over the Arts is in us as the body of Christ and individually we can make a difference where we are...

Our Services

What we can do for you

The Creare Training Centre is a development centre that specializes in Bible studies, Christian arts, outreaches and mission work. It is a ministry under the supervision and guidance of Our Father’s Home church. It offers PART-TIME and FULL-TIME training.

Creare has 10 academies where people can attend classes in: Music, Drama, Dance, Art, Multimedia, Word Studies, Missions, Prophetic, Worship, and Skills training.


The FULL-TIME programme at Creare Training Centre is intended for people who would like to be trained in the Creare Academies for a specific period of time – they stay in Creare student houses and become part of the discipleship programme at Our Father’s Home Church. This programme is facilitated either as part of a “GAP YEAR” or specific academy studies with Bible-based ministry focuses. Those who enroll for this programme do so according to their choice based on their human rights as Christians to practice their faith.


Some of the classes taught at Creare Training Centre are PART-TIME and are attended by people from many different beliefs (ethnic groups, religious and/or lifestyles). The syllabi taught by Creare Training Centre are all Bible-based. Students who attend these classes are not expected to change their beliefs, and encouraged to further their studies at Creare on a part-time basis and also attend Training Conferences, which run during the holidays.


The Creare Training Conferences are designed to give concentrated training in fields of the Arts, Skills, and Ministry focuses, from each of the Creare Academies, over a period of 1-3 weeks. They are normally held at the Creare Training Centre in Bloemfontein, South Africa. These conferences have one and two weeks long courses that run in specific sessions throughout the day each week. They are suited for people who are not able to attend Creare classes regularly, and want to experience the "holiday school". By coming to a Training Conference is possible to attend up to four courses during the week as well a weekend course for maximum impartation! These Training Conferences run predominantly during South African school holidays so that students at schools and tertiary institutions are able to attend. Classes are also run in evening sessions so that those whose work hours prevent them from attending may be able to do so.

merSETA Training

  • Certified copy of the last school certificate or diploma
  • Certified copy of ID
  • Willing to fully join the discipleship program at Creare Training Centre for the week prior and duration of the skills program training (i.e. staying on Creare's premises, participating in all Creare and church activities in the week and weekends)

2022 MerSETA-funded project consists of a 17 week Skill Program training in Automotive Workshop Assistant combined with leadership training at Creare Training Centre.

At this stage we are gathering names and numbers of potential candidates.

We will only be able to finalise final arrangements closer to the commencement date.

Also note that this grant will cover the training, accommodation at Creare Training Centre and daily transport for training.

Food and other expenses need to be covered by the candidates.

Please send your full names and email address if you are interested.



We have 10 Academies for your needs

Gain understanding of God’s Blueprint concerning dance and stir your spirit to see that Blueprint come into fulfilment in your life & the lives of others. Come be developed and learn how to minister through dance, whether professionally or in congregational ministry
The prophets used drama to bring a message from God. Use your body and voice to express the heart of the Father through drama. Live a Lifestyle of drama as you are called to be ambassadors in portraying His character and ways.
Church Planting & Missions
To reach the nations and to fulfill the Great Commission by following His mandate. God is wanting us to build and impact the nations from a local Church that functions the way He desires. Attain insight to see practically how Word principles are applied with accuracy to build and impact locally and internationally.
Fine Arts
The ability to express oneself through fine art is a God-given talent, used to minister to people and glorify God through that which is portrayed from our skill and spirit on paper, canvas or into any kind of form.
God’s desire is for the nations to become intimate with Him—to be truly born of His heart. Multi-media has such multiple and effective possibility to convey His message to millions at a time and bring about the unimaginable: “Can a country be born in a day?....Can a nation be born in a moment?" (Is 66:8).
Imagine Impacting a million People with a Simple God Inspired song... God created music as the vocabulary in the language of love through worship. Become equipped in skill and technique with Godly perspective. Become a co-musician with the ultimate musician Jesus Christ!.
Worship in Spirit and truth, in the way that the Father desires. “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light.” (1 Pet 2:9).
Have a good scriptural foundation, and be equipped to practically work with and apply truth when ministering to people, in a small group, on the street or in a congregation. "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)
In the times we are living in, we must understand how to walk in the prophetic and to understand how we can walk with the Lord daily and to come to maturity in hearing God's voice and obeying Him. Our approach to the prophetic is not only the facet of personal prophecy but more about a prophetic lifestyle.
Basic skills training and empowerment. Putting the Gospel into practice, becoming practical with hands-on. Effective upliftment in communities using skills. Building, plumbing and electricity, mechanics, farming, carpentry, business, hospitality and health-care.

Our Portfolio

Word Studies

Student's having fun


Student's having fun


Student's having fun


Student's having fun

Mime and Clown

Metal Work

Blood Speaks