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Become a Full-Time Student

Made in the likeness of our Father and Creator, we were born to enjoy and reflect the aspects of His nature and most importantly, His heart…

Creare Continues to impact, serve and equip communities through Full-Time training where students would stay in one of our student houses, then follow a full-time propgram whith the specific Academy (Music, dance, drama, multimedia, fine Arts, skills, church planting & missions, prophetic or word academy). A student can choose the period which he/she would like to be trained in. (Either > 1 year / < a year)

The FULL-TIME programme at Creare Training Centre is intended for people who would like to be trained in the Creare Academies for a specific period of time – they stay in Creare student houses and become part of the discipleship programme at Our Father’s Home Church. This programme is facilitated either as part of a “GAP YEAR” or specific academy studies with Bible-based ministry focuses. Those who enroll for this programme do so according to their choice based on their human rights as Christians to practice their faith.